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Vital Momentum Rapid Weight Loss System vs Alternatives

How does the new Vital Momentum Rapid Weight Loss System stack up against other ways to lose weight?

Prescription Drugs

Serious side effects possible, sometimes worse than weight problems
Works slowly: studies show averge of 1-2 lbs per month (if it works)
Very expensive: $1300 - $1700 per year for common weight loss prescriptions
Highly regulated industry
No money back guarantee if it doesn't work or you don't like it
Vital Momentum

  Viatrim has no known side effects and is perfectly safe to take long-term. Rapid weight loss diets naturally have some side effects but Vital Momentum minimizes and/or eliminates anything serious.
  The Vital Momentum's unique combination of diet plan and Viatrim works fast, within 2-4 week periods.
  Vital Momentum is much less expensive
  Viatrim's active ingredients are based on homeopathic provings recorded in the Homepathic Pharmacopia of the United States recognized by the FDA
  Money back guarantee
Dietary Supplements

Convenient and natural alternative health method
Results build slowly, if any
Hard to know who to trust; products often sold as miracle pills with unreasonable claims
Refund policies may be unknown or weak
Vital Momentum

  Viatrim is a convenient and natural alternative health method
  The Vital Momentum's unique combination of diet plan plus Viatrim is fast, done in quick 2-4 week periods
  Vital Momentum claims are backed by real-world, actual participant survey results
  Money back guarantee

Quick, dramatic results
Extremely expensive
Surgery always comes with safety risks
Permanent changes to body; permanent diet changes possible even if surgery doesn't work or weight comes back
No money back guarantee
Vital Momentum

  Vital Momentum delivers fast weight loss results, without the expense and risk of surgery
  You can use the Vital Momentum system whenever you want, without permanently altering your body
  Money back guarantee
Crash/Starvation Diets

Typically consists of little to no nutrients, never balanced, usually extreme food type restrictions of some kind
Weight loss can be quick and dramatic, but with obvious danger to health
Vital Momentum

  Vital Momentum utilizes a balanced diet with adequate protein intake, vegetables, fruits and even some carbs
  Vital Momentum delivers fast weight loss results, without the dangers of starvation dieting
Diet Clinics

Quick results, professionally monitored, and some include lifestyle plans
Very expensive ($1000 - $2000 or more over time for specialized food and professional services)
Regular visits to the clinic are required (home-based programs are rare)
No money back guarantee if you don't like it
Vital Momentum

  Vital Momentum is MUCH less expensive
  Simple but effective dietary plan originally created for patients at the Salvator Mundi International Hospital in Italy
  You are not personally monitored but the advantage is that you can do it in the privacy and convenience of your home on your own schedule.
  You can easily see your doctor before starting the full diet plan to get the "thumbs up"
Long-term "Lifestyle" Diets

By definition, these plans are not designed for quick, rapid weight loss over a short time
Ideal for long-term weight management (everyone should implement a lifestyle plan of some kind)
Finding the right approach and plan for you can be difficult and confusing
Vital Momentum

  Losing a lot of weight in the initial stages has been proven in studies to be the best way to start a weight management program.
  Vital Momentum is a "plug and play" weight loss system for quick, big results -- where everything has been figured out for you. Just follow the clearly outlined directions all our customers have followed.